Tuesday, 18 July 2017



At the Crown Lodge, our guests enjoy unsurpassed view of the action before, during and after each race.  An electric atmosphere when the race starts not to mention the excitement by the Winning post!  You have the Best View !

Make it even more special with family and friends.  Make the occasion an exciting and unforgettable one... The tour is children friendly.

Prime location - we are next to the Governor's Lodge and we care for your comfort !

Our guests are always overwhelmed by the breathtaking views across the racecourse and the intimate experience they enjoy in the private box...

Enjoy this relaxing setting and feel the thunder of hooves when the horses pass the winning post just a few metres away from you...

And don't forget to take a picture next to the Winning Post... to add to your 'adventure book'...

In between the races, guests can take advantage of the special facilities of accessing  the balcony overlooking the parade ring.  You must however be accompanied by Jacques himself or one of his professional team as you shall need a special badge.
It is possible to watch the prize giving ceremony from this balcony - we recommend it ...

Prizes ready to be remiitted to the lucky winners


Totally brillant day !!

Fantastic day, thoroughly looked after...(UK)
Great day out, friendly staff. Thank you!! (UK)
Nice day out, happy and friendly staff (The Bahamas)


Rated 'EXCELLENT' by 147 travellers !

A combination of history, tradition, glamor and excitement !

A souvenir picture with jockeys, trainers, winners, after a visit to the Paddock can be the highlight in your photos album!

Non stop service for drinks and snacks on the balcony ensures that our guests never miss a moment of the racing action ! The sun is always au 'rendez-vous'...

There is time too for some romance and a souvenir picture to take home and share...

We look forward to welcome you at the Crown Lodge, the perefect venue for racegoers wishing to enjoy fine home made snacks and open bar all day through !  You name it, we serve it !

Only one number to remember : 5729 9621

Thursday, 6 July 2017


Are you ready to experience one of the classics of the Season ?  Book your seat at the Crown Lodge and enjoy the raceday in the company of Jacques and his great team.

Some information on the Barbé Cup : 

The Barbé was run for the first time in Mauritius in 1902 and takes it name from Laurent Alphonse Barbé, who was the Secretary to the Mauritius Turf Club from 1867 to 1893 (picture above).  He was said to be a very honest man.  The Golden Cup (above) was first offered in 1956 by Mr Henri Giblot Ducray.

What's in for you at the Crown Lodge ?  

Dress up as if you were to attend a wedding !  If you like wearing hats, go for it and just leave everything else to Jacques and his team!  You will not be deceived... A smart day you will never forget.

We would like to share with you the moments our guests enjoyed at the Crown Lodge last Saturday; the raceday was sponsored by Nolands.  Here are some pictures to give you an 'avant-gout' of what's in for you ...

Welcome and briefing by Jacques, under the beautiful trees, before you make your way to the lodge on the first floor.  As you can see, the whole family is always welcome.

Our beautiful guests visiting the place before the start of the first race... 

No, it was not the July in Durban, it was at the Champ de Mars in Port Louis, Mauritius - Guests at the Crown Lodge !

It's magic...from your balcony, your glass of champagne in your hands, this is what you get... the bell rings, the horses rush out of the stalls and ... you just relax and watch the race. If you are lucky your horse can win just a few metres from where you stand !

A sunny day, a happy jockey, a fit and elegant horse !

A sunny day, a happy Daddy and Baby

and the happy Mommy and Dolly !

Guests at the Crown Lodge are spoilt from start to finish, pampered by our professional team all day long and, when they leave, take along with them, special memories of an unforgettable race day spent in style...

It is your turn to experience a race day at the Crown Lodge, just book your seat and let Jacques look after your day.  Take home beautiful pictures but most of all the highlight of your Mauritius visit.

You can enjoy the caress of the sun on your skin during the whole day thanks to the comfy balcony Jacques has carefully prepared for his guests... Beer, champagne, snakcs, make your day, book a seat.  We can't wait to welcome you at the Crown Lodge because we want to share this experience with you!

See you on Saturday !  Call on : + 230 57 29 96 21